The tools you need to power up your WordPress website!

#1 – Blazing Fast VPS Hosting (Must have!)

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Experience true speed…

First step, in making your website lightning fast, is to
transfer it to VPS (Virtual Private Server).

By hosting website on VPS, rather than shared,
you get dedicated resources only used by you! Perfect!

It’s a little bit harder to set up everything, it’s true.
But, it’s your lucky day, we have easy step-by-step
setup guide!

#2 – Enhanced Website Performance

Stay 100% secure and accessible…

Cloudflare sits in between of your server and visitors.
It filters traffic to protect you from spam, hackers, DDOS attacks and much more!
Plus, you get free SSL certificate!

Basic cloudflare CDN by default caches all static data from your site to make it faster even for visitors on the other side of the world.

Free CDN and security protection! Great stuff!

#3 – Fast DNS Domain Name for Only $1

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Every millisecond counts…

Except fast server response, DNS (Domain Name Server) provider becomes crucial in website speed.

Before visitor gets a response on the screen, request goes through
process of DNS rooting.
If rooting takes longer, response is delayed and
website loads slow! Not good!

GoDaddy as a Premium DNS provider will keep you
on top of your competitors!

#4 – Fast CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Website speed on steroids…As you know, website speed depends on the distance between your server and visitor. Longer the distance, slower the website.

CDN keeps website data on servers close to visitors. It keeps your website ultra fast even on the other side of the World.

There is more! Since visitors are kept on CDN servers,
your VPS costs go down!

Worldwide speed, low-cost hosting, high security!

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